Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bomb shelter found in family's garden

Bomb  shelter found in family’s garden

Ten years after moving into their house in Wisconsin, the Zwick family finally decided to find out what was beneath the steel doors in their backyard.
Below the hatch was a chamber built by the house’s previous owners to protect themselves from a nuclear attack during the Cold War.
The Zwick family found sealed U.S. Army boxes packed with all the supplies needed for a family to survive 2 weeks underground.

Food, clothing, tools, batteries, medical supplies and flashlights that were found in the chamber were donated to the Neenah Historical Society.

Paired Reading

Instructions: In your pairs read aloud the story together.  Together make a copy of this document and rename it with you and your buddies names and the name of the article you are reading. Complete the author’s purpose and three facts in full and complete sentences with your buddy you can share a device.  Then share your document with the teacher.

Names: Riley, Izzy and Mila
Date: 7 of September, 2015
Title: Plastic Fantastic?
Journal Details: School Journal, Part 3, Number 3, 2007
WALT:identify the author’s purpose.
WALT:identify three facts and record them in full and complete sentences.

Authors Purpose: To make people more aware about the plastic situation in their country.

Three facts:
1. Up to 100.000 marine animals mostly Whale, Seals, and Turtles die each year around the world after eating or becoming tangled in plastic bags.
2.World wide, it’s estimated that about 400000000000 plastic bags end up as litter each year. Tied together, that number would circle earth 63 times!
3.At least half of the litter blown from landfills is some kind of plastic, mostly bags.

Q And A

Got to buzz, mila and Izzy  
1. Why do you think the author wrote this poem?
2. What is the story about?
3. What do you think he made it a poem instead of a story?

A say that be have a job
3. Because he got lazy
My Mother and Stan Riley
1.What was the author's Purpose
2.Why did the author choose that topic
3.How did stan fix company computer

1.don't know
2.because he likes computers
3.he tapped really fast rapidly.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Harry My Dog

Harry My Dog
Harry is a rare reddy brown boxer,
He loves the beach,
Chasing the waves,
With his favourite friend Hattie,
He runs wildly with other dog at Meola Reef,
On Wednesday it’s for Harry's favourite day of the week,
Doggy daycare day,
Dirt on the deck,
Dad says,
“What have you done”
This time,
What a surprise…
There is a freshly dug hole in the in the garden,
I love him and he loves me!